Manglam Cocoa Finish

Great design is as much about function as it is about form. Specially focused & exclusively worked on the design and finish of the set. Made in Mango wood and the developed finish is named as Manglam Cocoa finish. This Cocoa finish is unique and impressive which have the clear vision of the wood grains!

Manglam Royal Brown Acacia

The design that inspires the Indian Craftsmen to work superior and majestic. Range is made in Acacia wood with have the complete set of Cabinets, Dining set, Sideboards , Bookshelf and Chest of drawers. Believe in providing designer furniture that is stunningly beautiful as well as functional.

Manglam Industrial

Storing your valuables in a beautifully crafted industrial products is like storing them in a museum. They offer a functional purpose with an aesthetic appeal that amaze your decor style. Stylish, contemporary and beautiful, there are the products which are perfect for your living space.

Our Values

Top Quality

Hand Finished

Cultural Heritage

Premium Wood

Natural Care

Made in India