Who are we?

For the last 28 years, we have designed, manufactured and exported our line of solid hardwood furniture for overseas buyers. . Recently we have inaugurated our III unit. As direct manufacturer exporters, we are able to pass along great prices to our customers. You can contact us 24 x 7 at our e-mails and telephone.

Why is Manglam Arts's furniture superior and more valuable than other product?

Our furniture quality and price is unrivaled in the competitive marketplace. Hardwood furniture is a sound family investment that can be passed down through generations as opposed to throw-away particleboard furniture or cheap veneers.

Why do I not see any prices?

Manglam Arts primarily is a manufacturer, catering to overseas customers. We specialize in container exports of furniture made in India for our customers. The range of furniture includes chairs, tables, beds, armoires, benches, cabinets, and more. In order to obtain all of the furniture prices, simply contact us to request for rates on our e-mail id or call us.

Does the website contain all of Manglam Arts Catalog items?

We try to maintain our website so that it is a fair representation of what we carry on our factory floor or through our export container program. Our website contains the majority of Indian furniture, accessories and leather furniture products available by Manglam Arts however, we are constantly creating new designs for our furniture line and we encourage you to request us to send you updates for any new features, collections and in-stock one of kind items.

Where is your factory located?

Our factory and showrooms are located at G-382-383, Boranada Industrial Area, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.

Do you offer customized designs?

Yes, we are happy to work with you on any design request.

Is each item exactly look like the photo in the catalog?

Photos are never exactly transferable, but we have done our best to recreate the reality of the piece as closely as possible.

Are finishes exactly alike?

Our finishes are essentially light and dark and generally compatible, but we offer no guarantee in exactness since we hand finish each piece and there are variables of grain and final tones.

How do I clean this furniture?

Do not clean with water, damp material, oils, or strong chemical polishes. We find that clear Bri-wax does a great job once or twice a year.

Will your furniture adapt to different climate and humidity levels?

Furniture will crack or warp if not properly kiln dried to a humidity level of 6-7% and this is especially true for furniture originating from humid climates and being deliver to dry climates. Our furniture is manufacture in the hot desert region of Rajasthan, where the climate is very dry. In addition to the natural dry climate, all of our wood used in manufacturing pieces is kiln dried, to make sure that humidity levels do not exceed 7%.

Has your furniture treated for possible insect infestation?

As a precautionary measure, we treat all of our wood with chemical before & during seasoning, all our furniture we fumigate in the ocean bound shipping container before shipping.

How do you pack furniture items?

We have standard process to wrap the product with foam and plastic, then fixing the corners at all the edges. Then finally packed in carton.